Zinken Compact 21 Instruction Manual


I’ve not got a background in woodworking but my recently passed father-in-law, was an expert joiner and carpenter. In his workshop, he has a Zinken Compact 21, a combination saw made in Italy.

After finding the instruction manual for this item, I decided to put it online for others to read, if they have misplaced their manual.

You can download the PDF of the manual by clicking on this link, Zinken Compact 21


California, USA travel

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 LA and Vegas!
Here’s an itemised list of things to do in both cities. Not saying I know all there is to do but I can suggest and see what you think.

Las Vegas:
We stayed on the ‘strip’ at a now demolished hotel, but anywhere on the strip is good (Best place to stay too, http://www.bellagio.com/). Off strip can be a little annoying to get around, but still fun.

1. Best thing we did was a Helicopter flight to Grand Canyon (with lunch inside the canyon next to the Colorado river), so good and think about it everyday even though it was 6 years ago.http://www.papillon.com/popris/show_package.aspx?package_id=19&lang=en-US

2. Fremont St is the original strip, its got some ‘classic’ casinos with an old school feel, the best thing about it is viva vision! You can catch a bus from your hotel or there is a public bus which takes you to Fremont St, it is well worth it. http://www.vegasexperience.com/#/viva/

3. Before or after Fremont St, the best shopping is at the Factory Outlets nearby. http://www.premiumoutlets.com/outlets/outlet.asp?id=58 By far the best shopping for the price.

4. Bellagio fountain is very impressive, look for it on the hour.

5. Sign up for the loyalty programs at any of the Casinos you visit as they have some really great gifts on offer.

6.  In Vegas the New York, New York, it is a fantastic casino with the best roller coaster I’ve ever been on. http://www.nynyhotelcasino.com/entertainment/entertainment_therollercoaster.aspx.

Los Angeles:
We love LA, I guess as its got so much going for it. Here’s a list of things to check out. Don’t be afraid to hire a car and drive, because you can get a car with GPS and get almost anywhere. Make sure you take out all insurance know to man if you do though (as I found out the hard way). LA is a driving city and the roads/freeways are so well linked its not funny:

1. Santa Monica pier for lunch or dinner is great. Lots of atmosphere and an excellent view. If you want to look around the Santa Monica area a little, walk across the road from the pier and into the Westfield shopping complex. Out the front is a nice ‘mall’ and cool cafes and bars.

2. Universal Studios with the VIP Experience is really good!http://www.universalstudioshollywood.com/ticket_vip.html Or you can just head to Universal and look around, which is still great fun. Have a look at Universal City Walk for lunch or dinner, its a great experience.

3. Hollywood sign is a must! Most GPS devices have it listed. All tours go near it too. The roads around it are steep but have some amazing houses to check out.

4. Disneyland is worth a look too. The Downtown Disney area is great for shopping and eating.

5. The Griffith Observatory gives a fantastic view of LA, drive up and have a look around, http://www.griffithobs.org/

6. If you don’t get a car and want to see everything, then this will basically take in the main things in one day.http://www.starlinetours.com/los-angeles-tour-2A.asp Rochelle and her mum took this tour and loved it.

7. In Anaheim the best hotel to stay at is the Tropicana Inn, on South Harbour Blvd. Its 5 minutes walk to the gate (most other places you need to get a bus to and from the park and can be really annoying). Its very well priced too.  http://www.tropicanainn-anaheim.com/ 

8. A drive to San Diego is definitely worth it, the best beach is Coronado Beach (where they filmed a few scenes of Top Gun and right near the Pacific Naval base). There is an aircraft carrier museum with excellent jets and helicopters on deck to look through, awesome!

9. If you feel like drive up highway 1 from LA to SF make sure you check out Hearst Castle, it is by far the most amazing thing we have seen in all of our adventures to castles etc and on a lovely strip of coast line.  http://www.hearstcastle.org/ . We stayed in Cambria which is a lovely little town.

One thing we did which was whilst in LA, drive to Malibu. Pacific Coast highway and sun/sea/sand combination is something I cannot explain, just writing about it gives me a certain taste in my mouth and feeling. The houses and atmosphere are worth a look.

**** ONE THING YOU MUST DO, go to In-N-Out burger! Best burgers on earth and cheap. http://www.in-n-out.com/, theres one on the ‘strip’http://maps.google.com.au/maps?hl=en&oq&um=1&ie=UTF-8&q=4888+DEAN+MARTIN+DR+LAS+VEGAS%2C+NV&fb=1&gl=au&hnear=4888+DEAN+MARTIN+DR+LAS+VEGAS%2C+NV&cid=0%2C0%2C1107683312251953565&ei=iIGdS6O7CsGOkQWG8uDIAg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=image&resnum=1&ved=0CAcQnwIwAA

HOLLYWOOD – Where movies are made and the Stars live, also known as the entertainment capital of the world.

• WALK OF FAME – Where the stars are immortalized in cement.
• GRAUMAN’S CHINESE THEATRE – Footprints and hand prints of the most famous movie stars in the world are here.*
• KODAK THEATRE – New home of the Academy Awards, also nicknamed the “Crown Jewel of Hollywood”.
• HOLLYWOOD & HIGHLAND – Where you can shop at the newest star in Hollywood and also one of the most popular places to visit.
• SUNSET STRIP – Famous shops, restaurants and bars where celebrities meet, eat and play.
• RODEO DRIVE – Where you see Gucci, Prada, Versace, Chanel, Bijan, Louis Vuitton, should I say more?*
• THE BEVERLY CENTER – A shoppers paradise where at any time the most beautiful super models in the world can be found shopping for lingerie at Victorias Secret.
• CHINA TOWN – A fascinating place where the mix of chinese culture and the west seam so seamless.

Info from this tour: http://www.starlinetours.com/los-angeles-tour-2.asp

San Francisco

  • Make sure you book your trip to Alcatraz now, as its really busy all year around and most of the time you cannot just walk up and get a ticket. Here’s the link to buy your tickets now with a city tour:https://www.alcatraztrips.com/citytour.asp (Tour checks out the best parts of SF and goes over the Golden Gate too). Great location 

to stay is Fisherman’s wharf just a short walk (1 block) and you’re on the Cable car either going  or into Union Square (centre of town). Reasonable
hotel is http://www.hiefishermanswharf.com/. One thing I might suggest is getting over to Sausolito for an hour or so, such an amazing place, this ferry can take you there from fishermans wharf return:http://www.blueandgoldfleet.com/Ferry/Sausalito/index.cfm, or drive over the Golden Gate bridge there.

One thing you’ll have to do is walk up the world crookedest street in the world, Lombard St,http://www.sftravel.com/lomabardcrookedstreet.html.

So there you go, there are a heap of other things, like drive to Palm Springs and check out the desert or head to Yosemite (awesome views and scenery). Hope this list helps out a little.


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